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Selected Production Photos

I've been directing theatre for over 20 years, but it's only been in the last few that I've had access to professional photos of my work.  Below are some highlights from a few of my favorite shows. You may note that some have high end production values whereas others are keeping it slim. For many years, my husband Marc and I produced theatre in makeshift spaces at U.D., including the cafeteria, the gym, and various chapels. Though it was a challenge, it brought about other aspects of creativity and many cherished memories. GMETC also tours to rural schools, performing in gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, or whatever space the school may have to host us. Those qualities are reflected here as well. 

Carmela Full of Wishes

By Alvaro Saar Rios, based on the book by Matt de la Pena.

Toured schools in Kern County California in Fall 2023.

Directed by Amy Ressler

Set design by Molly Jiron, Costumes by Roger Upton



UD Fine & Perfomring Arts. Amy Ressler, Director. Nancy L. Konrardy, Costume designer; Daniel Proett, Set designer; Marc Muehleip, construction; Jonathan Rustebakke, Lighting designer.

Spring 2015


University of Dubuque Fine & Performing Arts department production of Pippin. Directed by Amy Ressler.  Set design by Marc Muehleip.  Costume design by Nancy L. Konrardy.  Lighting design by Jonathan Rustebakke.

Spring 2014

The Pirates of Penzance

Director: Amy Ressler.  Conductor: Nick Bratcher.  Set & Lighting design: Jonathan Rustebakke. Costumes: Cheryl Schmieder.  Construction and TD: Marc Muehleip

June 2012

Dog Sees God

Great Midwestern Educational Theatre Production, one of our social justice selections. Kick off to Gay Pride Month in Dubuque, Iowa, Dog Sees God was presented at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque.  Direction, costumes, sound design and set by Amy Ressler.


Of Mice & Men

This production was a joint effort of the Great Midwestern Educational Theatre Company, and the Pioneer Players of UWP. The performances were staged at the City Hall Theatre in Platteville. Marc Muehleip as George, Patrick Correa-Harker as Lenny.

Winter 2016

Incite Insight

Ensemble Theatre students improvised movement with ConcorDance Ensemble improvised music. Facilitated by Amy Ressler (theatre) and Jeffrey Agrell (music). Babka Black Box Theatre, University of Dubuque. Co produced by James Sherry and Amy Ressler


Wiley & The Hairy Man 

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